‘Find someone more qualified than me and I will step aside’ – Chris Eubank Senior adamant nobody can offer more to his son Chris Eubank Junior

Chris Eubank Senior believes no promoter can offer more to his son Chris Eubank Junior than he can in terms of boxing experience.

The former WBO middleweight and super-middleweight champion watched Eubank Jnr create boxing history last week after beating Renold Quinlan to lift the IBO super-middleweight title – the first time a father and son have won world titles.

And Eubank Snr insists that neither Eddie Hearn nor Frank Warren could live up to the standards he has laid down for his son.

“Ok, let’s set this picture up. I am the first one to hold him. We make a plan to bring the child up. In every way possible, we work, we fight and we worry,” said Eubank Snr, speaking to Gareth A Davies on talkSPORT’s Kick Off Boxing show.

“We fight for money. Whether it’s going out to work or physical – we fight – to bring our children up. We teach them as they grow that they don’t bully others and that they protect those who are being bullied.

“I didn’t realise my son had been watching the love and respect that I’ve always got. And this must have been what inspired him to want a little bit of what Dad has.

“So then I steer him [into] how he can be the best fighter he can be – so I give him nothing but hardship.

“I give him tasks which are supposed to break him; he comes through those tasks. It’s really being tough on them because that’s the only way I’m actually going to make them good.

“And that is a severe type of love. Get him hurt so that there is no one in the ring that can get him hurt.

“If I can get him beaten up by heavyweights and they can accept it, I know they’re going to be ok with these normal fighters.

“So after all of that, I am supposed to hand him over to an Eddie Hearn? Am I supposed to hand him over to Frank Warren?

“Never mind the money. The love, the worry; what am I? Do I have a sign on my forehead saying: misuse me?

“I should do all this work and give him to you.  I don’t understand. If you work with your child and you put your child through school, you don’t go give your child away.

“If I sound edgy, it’s baffling to me that anyone should say to me: step aside. I want someone in the public – one of those keyboard warriors – tell me this: would you give me someone more qualified than me? So I can let them look after Junior. Please, find someone more qualified than me and I will step aside.”

And after beating Quinlan to create history, Eubank Snr expects his son to be more than a match for any fighters in the world.

“I’m a mathematician when it comes to measuring the fighters. I can’t see how Andre Ward beats him; I can’t see how [Gennady] Golovkin beats him.

“The tougher fight – when it comes to [Billy Joe] Saunders – I’m not worried about him at all, I’m worried about Frank Warren.”


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